Ethos and Values

Where we learn, laugh and

Our Vision


 “Teaching is typically characterised by high expectations, strong relationships with pupils and happy, productive classroom environments.” Ofsted 2017


At Pondhu Primary School we believe in providing for all pupils, the opportunity to develop their talents to the full, whatever their ability. Key to this concept is the learning environment available to the pupils; we provide a caring and nurturing ethos where your children can grow into independent, responsible people.  Learning should be a natural part of growing up and most importantly of all it should be fun!  We use the full range of outdoor spaces available to us to further enhance learning opportunities and make the most of the natural world available to us in this beautiful part of Cornwall.


Additionally, to support pupils in understanding the world in which they live, we provide opportunities for developing learning skills which are relevant to adult life.  All pupils should be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in written form, to be able to read fluently and to be able to use numbers effectively, in order to progress with their education.


We believe in a broad and balanced curriculum enabling pupils to achieve their full potential, in all aspects of school life.  Pupil voice is at the heart of our school enabling pupils to feel a strong sense of ownership and investment in their school experience.  Teaching strategies with links to areas of prior learning and the everyday world around us further enable enhanced learning opportunities. Our approaches to learning encourage independence, investigation, enquiry and challenge.


We aim to foster personal and moral values and to encourage an understanding of and a tolerance towards the various races, religions and cultures in our modern society,  whilst cherishing British values. We encourage visits from people from a wide variety of cultural and religious backgrounds to further embed this key principle.


Links to home and the wider community enable the school to work alongside parents and carers to ensure that any challenges or barriers to learning are worked through in a climate of trust and support.

Our Values

Pondhu Primary School is incredibly proud to be part of the Cornwall Education Learning Trust where our collective aim is to ‘learn together to help every child achieve more.’ The core values of Collaborate, Empower. Lead and Transform are integral to everything we do.


Our Mission

We are passionate about ensuring that every child reaches their full potential. We deliver an engaging, aspirational curriculum which provides children with knowledge, skills and memorable experiences that prepare them for their next steps. We are fully inclusive and work together with families in our community to ensure that all children feel safe, valued and are successful in their education.