Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 River Camel
Our class teachers are Mrs Bunt and Mrs Carter.
Our HLTA is Mrs English.
Our teaching assistants are Miss Datson, Mrs Prove and Mrs Daly.
Please click on the link above to find out about what we will be learning this term.
Houses and Homes
Bread Making
We have been learning about homes long ago. We learnt that many years ago, people used to make their bread. Nicola, from our school catering company, came to talk to us about bread. We talked about the main ingredients - water, flour and yeast - and kneaded and shaped our own bread before baking it in the oven. We were very excited to take it home.
Class Museum
We have been learning all about household objects from the past. We found some old household objects in our topic box and brought in some from home. In English, we wrote a factual text about the items and we invited parents and carers along to our 'Class Museum.' They had lots of fun finding out about the objects and spent a long time guessing what our 'mystery object' was used for!
Model Rooms
In D.T., we designed, made and evaluated model rooms. We chose either a bedroom or a living room and thought carefully about what we would need to include. We used fabric to make carpets and curtains and junk modelled cupboards, beds, sofas and lamps to go inside the rooms. What do you think?