Year 6

Year 6
Welcome to our Year 6 page where we invite you to explore the exciting things that we are working on this term.  
This term we have paddle boarding, sailing and kayaking sessions, as well as swimminmg lessons. The Year 6 parent booklet will give more details on the subjects we will be studying throughout the term. 
The Second World War
This term, our topic is on the Second World War. We will be answering the enquiry question 'Why did the Allies win the Second World War?' To answer this question we will be looking at the Battle of Britain, the homefront and the spirit of the British people during the Blitz,the cracking of the Enigma code, the resistance of the Red army, and the military might of the USA. 
Important information:
Mr. Martin
Miss Mahon
Mrs. Hart
Mrs. Bryant-Jefferies
Miss Vigor
 In Year 6 we will celebrate reading with the sharing of our favourite class books. 
This term we will be reading 'Goodnight Mr Tom', which links well to our topic.