Welcome to Year 5 - River Fowey

Welcome to Year 5 River Fowey.

Our class teacher is Mrs. Horner.

Our HLTA is Ms. Vigor.

Our teaching assistants are Ms. Hart, Mrs. Retallick and Mrs. Pearson.


The first half term has been about immersing ourselves back in time to when the Anglo-Saxons invaded.  First of all we had to learn who the Anglo-Saxons were, where they invaded from and why!  We learnt about the Saxon kingdoms and settlements and about Alfred the Great and why he was the only English king to be known as 'great'!  Finally we finished off the topic by looking into family life during this time and we designed and made our own Anglo-Saxon houses to create our own village.
Our science topic this term has been space!  We learnt a lot about our solar system by writing factual reports in English.  This gave us a really good understanding of the planets.  We then scaled out the size of the solar system using toilet paper across our school field and many different sized fruit to represent the planets!  We then looked into the movement of the Earth and the moon around the sun, learning about the phases of the moon as well as carrying out an experiment to identify if the sun changes our shadows. 
As a class we chose to do the Hogwarts Sorting hat song as a performance poem in our assembly.  We decided which attributes we felt each person had and the children either assigned themselves or they were assigned in a sorting ceremony to each of the houses.  We then learnt the poem using a range of methods and then performed it in front of the school.  
In P.E. for the first half term we were really lucky to work with the Cornish Pirates.  We had six weeks of great rugby coaching learning loads about the game of tag rugby; how to pass accurately, intercept and the basic rules.  It took us quite a while to master going forwards but throwing backwards!!!  We had great fun getting very muddy but learning a lot! 
This half term we have started to look at creating counter-balances with partners.  We have explored different balances and how to hold our lines.  We have had good fun trying to perfect these!
The new year has brought a new topic - Inspirational Artists!  We have opened our topic box and have asked plenty of questions to guide our learning.
We have already made a start to our topic by producing clay pots.  We were really lucky to have Penrice come to the school to include us in a project they are developing.  We had a specialised geography session linked to history and then we transferred what we learnt onto clay pots.  We had a really enjoyable time and learnt a lot!  Thank you to Penrice for making us a part of it.