Welcome to Year 5 - River Fowey

Welcome to Year 5 River Fowey.

Our class teacher is Mrs. Horner.

Our HLTA is Mrs. Hayles.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs. Retallick and Mrs. Pearson.


Our Favourite Five book this half term is...Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling
Our Favourite Five that we have read so far are:
The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton and The Arrival by Shaun Tan
Important information:
Please ensure that the children have a water bottle in school as well as a pair of trainers.
Spellings - please help your child to practise their spellings each week.  Here is a list of the statutory spelling words for years 5 & 6 that have come straight from the National Curriculum.  Our spellings will cover these words.
Autumn Term
Welcome back!  It has been lovely having the children back in school and ready for lots of learning.  We have already started a great week, getting to know each other and all of the routines that take place in class - all of the children have made a great start!  Lots of learning to come...watch this space!
Our topic for this term is invaders!  We opened up our topic box and found many interesting objects and pictures that we asked lots of questions about.  We cannot wait to start answering these questions.
We have started reading the epic poem Beowulf.  From this, it has inspired us to write many different things.  We have written contrasting settings using and replicating the 'power of three' to describe the settings.  We have also created our own evil monsters concentrating on using powerful verbs to describe the movement of our creatures. Finally, we wrote our own hero myth using the structure of Beowulf.
We have read the story, 'How to train a dragon' by Cressida Cowell.  Throughout each of the chapters, we have used the story as inspiration for our English work.  We really enjoyed creating our own dragons and writing about them.
In science, we have been exploring space!  We have covered three main areas - the planets and the solar system, day and night and the lunar month.  All half term we have been focusing on these three main subjects and at the end we have planned to carry out our own 'Stargazing live' programme to show how much we have learnt.
Spring Term
This half term has been a bit different from normal ones as we are in lockdown once again!  The children in year 5 have not stopped learning though!  We have been studying the poem 'The Highwayman'.  To begin with, we built a knowledge of the historical context to give a full understanding of the poem.  We then started to analyse the poem including the spelling, punctuation and grammar features.  Utilising what we have learned we then started to plan our own opening and build up and finally, we were guided into completing our own.
It has been a very busy term already for learning new maths concepts.  We have understood the concepts behind using the written method to multiply 4-digit numbers by 2-digits and have learnt to use and apply this method.  We have also reinforced the bus stop method to help us to divide.
Our learning has moved onto fractions!  We have enjoyed learning about fractions again :) We started off with a really tricky concept of equivalent fractions and then moved onto mixed numbers and improper fractions.  The visual diagrams have certainly helped us a lot with this.
We have been using Oak Academy a lot for our foundation subjects and have been learning a wide range of topics from the Shang Dynasty to Biomes to notable scientists.  It has certainly kept us interested and busy!
Summer Term
It is great to be back!  We have hit the ground running by carrying out lots of learning.  We have opened up our topic box and we are going to be learning about Benin.  We have already asked lots of questions about what we want to learn and find out about.
In D.T. we have accepted the challenge of being able to design, make and race the fastest car.  We have linked this project with our science work on forces and in particular focusing on resistant forces!  We have had a great time.  Our dragsters are not yet complete but we cannot wait to finish them off and race them!
We have been really lucky to meet two authors!  We had the opportunity to write biscuit laws and to draw characters with Jenny Carney and we had the opportunity to ask Ben Miller questions and hear all about his writing journey - they both inspired us a lot!