Pupil Premium

Pondhu School has a duty to ensure every individual child is given the best possible chance to achieve their potential. 

The government provides Pupil Premium funding, which is in addition to main school funding, to support eligible pupils. The funding is used to provide a wide range of resources.

Please click on the links below to see information such as our school's Pupil Premium grant allocation amount, a summary of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils, how our school uses the Pupil Premium funding to address these barriers, how we measure the impact of the Pupil Premium and the date of the next review of the school's Pupil Premium strategy.

We have also included for the previous academic year such as how we spent the Pupil Premium allocation and the impact that this spending had.

Information concerning our pupil premium personal budget, allocated to all pupils who are eligible for pupil premium funding, is also below. Please contact the office if you think your family may be eligible for pupil premium funding.