Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation Stage!
Our teacher is Mrs Vine. 
Our HLTA is Mrs Bailey
Our teaching assistants are Mrs Lucas, Miss Maskell, Mrs Dixon, Mrs Aubrey, Miss Griffiths, Mrs Prove and Mrs Daly.
In the Spring Term so far, we have been learning about how to keep ourselves healthy and all about our bodies! We have created a pictogram of our favourite fruits which was great fun working out which was the most and least popular. We talked a lot about our body parts and had a go at drawing around each other. We then used rulers to measure how long we were and unifix cubes to see how many we would need to cover the length of our bodies. 
We are always very busy in the Foundation Stage. In the Autumn Term, we have enjoyed topics such as, Knowing me, Knowing you, Nursery Rhymes, We're going on a Bear Hunt and Superheroes!