Meet Our Teachers

  • Mr Nathan Cooper

    Assistant Headteacher

    Maths and PE leader.

  • Mrs Sarah Parekh

    Assistant Headteacher and Year 1 Teacher

    English and Early Years leader

  • Mrs Vickie Burgess


  • Mrs K. Vine

    Foundation Stage Teacher

    Currently on maternity leave
    RE Subject Leader
    Children's University Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Kylie Bunt

    Year 2 Teacher

    Computing leader

  • Mrs Carole Carter

    Year 2 Teacher

  • Mrs Sarah Rundle

    Year 3 Teacher

    Art Leader

  • Mrs Emma Jolliff

    Year 3 Teacher

    Humanities Leader
    Staff Governor

  • Mr Kevin Dawes

    Year 4 teacher

    Design and Technology Leader
    Philosophy for Children leader

  • Mrs Heidi Horner

    Year 5 Teacher

    Science Leader
    School Parliament Advisor

  • Mr M Childs

    Year 6 teacher

  • Mr Richard Martin

    Year 5 Teacher

    PE & Funding leader

  • Mrs Emma Newnes


    Currently on maternity leave