Year 4

Good Morning Year 4!


Welcome to our Y4 home learning page. I have put together a selection of activities that match the lessons we would usually complete in school, to continue your learning at home. Please follow the lessons and activities for today and enjoy your learning!


If you can’t print the sheet – no problem. Please just write on any paper you have available and you can read the screen to show you what you need to do.



Start with 20 minutes of reading your own reading book (or choose one from MyOn) as we would in school.


Please select the reading comprehension activity that matches the colour table you sit on, then complete.


Please complete the practice activity. The answers are on page two so no peeking until you have completed the activity and are ready to check.


Complete the creative writing activity using the prompts given in the lesson. I would love to see the stories you come up with!

Please read all of the pdf, there are lots of ideas to help continue the story, plus other activities for you to complete.


Please use the pdf to practice the 12x table. Write it down three times then close your eyes and try to repeat it.


For our main Maths lesson we are going to recap some learning from last week, adding 4-digit numbers using the column method, with one exchange. Complete the questions on the sheet. Check your work using the answer sheet please… no peeking first!


Please complete the worksheet on online safety rules, then create an A4 poster for one of the rules to help advise others on how to stay safe online. Finally complete the Wordsearch on online safety.


We are about to start our new history topic on Ancient Greece. Please use the Ancient Greece mindmap to show what you know about this period in history. This might not be very much at the moment so don’t worry if you don’t have much to write. You don’t need to research the subject, I would just like to know what you already know.

Further Learning Opportunities


Also, here are the links for Times Tables Rockstars:



And, MyOn if you would like access to some different reading books:


Have a great day year 4 and I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Mr. Dawes