Year 3

Good morning everyone!

Welcome to our Y3 home learning page.  I have put together a selection of activities that match the lessons we would usually complete in school, to continue your learning at home.  Please follow the lessons and activities for today and enjoy your learning!

If you can’t print the sheet – no problem.  Please just write on any paper you have available and you can read the screen to show you what you need to do.


Please log onto MyOn and read a book.

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Punctuation and grammar

Read the beginning of the sheet on clauses and complete the rest of the sheet.



Reading comprehension

Read the information on fossils and answer the questions from the sheet.


Complete the pobble activity and complete the story.


Log into TTRS and spend some time doing your times tables. 

Times Tables Rock Stars – Times Tables Rock Stars (

Watch the white rose lesson and complete the worksheet

Y3 Autumn Block 2 TS17 Add 2digit and 3digit numbers on Vimeo

Science – Light and dark lesson

What is light? (

PSHE – I have a dream

I have a dream (