Year 2 - Truro

Hello and welcome to Year 2 River Truro.

Class teacher - Miss Lake
Teaching assistants - Miss Hart and Mrs Whitehouse
HLTA - Mrs Bailey  
We have unpacked our topic box for this half term and it is all about Space. We will be working scientifically to find out about the solar system and important people linked to space. 
 Our English learning is based on a story called 'Back to Earth with a Bump'. We have magic fairy lights and strawberry magic spray to help us remember the story using a story map we created together. 
 We are carrying on learning about measurement. This weeks new learning was about mass. We have learnt we measure mass in grams and kilograms using scales. We have used our estimation skills to estimate if objects were heavier or lighter than 1kg and used a bucket scale to check. We have also practised ordering masses using the <, > and = symbols. 
 We have used a range of media and materials to create a collage planet. In Science we learnt that planets further away from the sun are cold and planets close to the sun are hotter. Using this knowledge we selected colours that represented the temperature of the planet.